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Written by Hall of Famer   
Saturday, 07 July 2007 04:54

Hello everyone, this is Hall of Famer. Remember me? I'm the founder of fan game Pkmn HOF and I officially announce that the official website of pkmn HOF is open to the public now! Pkmn HOF team members, partners, contributors and supporters are all welcome to join our community. Like I may have stated it a millions time already, this game is going nowhere without the help or support from all of you. Thank you very much!

The new website consists of five major sections - Front Page, Blog, Gallery, Wiki and Forum. The front page is the page you are browsing now, where official announcement and news will be published in this section. The blog is the right place for staff members to write report of their work and concern. The gallery is where official screenshots and other graphics will be released. The wiki is a new idea, which is actually very similar to wikipedia and bulbapedia, but restricted to Pkmn HOF only. The forum is where the discussion takes place. users can register in the forum and gain access to the blog and gallery section immediately.

Thanks again for the support everyone. We're here to make a better game for you to enjoy!

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