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Written by Hall of Famer   
Saturday, 09 August 2008 02:49

I. Introduction:

Is it a pity that the anime-exclusive region Orange Archipelago has never appear in any existing pokemon video games? If so, you should definitely keep an eye on the project Orange Islands by Hall of Famer. POI(project orange islands) is a sister mapping project to PNK(project new kanto), as the maps in POI are made in the same style as PNK(thus the maps of POI are considerably expanded and even exaggerated). Both projects will be used in fan game Pkmn HOF after they are 100% completed. The project Orange Islands is based on the orange archipelago region in the anime, but it will have its difference. You may take a look at the world map from Bulbapedia to gain a better understanding of the geographical info of Orange Archipelago:

II. Progress:

Valencia Island - Completed
Tangelo Island - Completed
Mikan Island - Completed
Mandarin Island North - Completed
Sunburst Island - Completed
Pinkan Island - 0%(need pink mountain and trees tiles)

III. Maps:

A. OW Maps:

Valencia Island:

Tangelo Island:

Mikan Island:

Mandarin Island North:

Sunburst Island:


B. Indoor Maps:

C. Cave/Dungeon Maps:

IV. Staff members:

Hall of Famer - Project leader, OW mapper
~Red - Tile Artist

Reck - Tile Artist

V. Credit list:

Kyledove - Tilesets
rhevarhe_duh - Tilesets
Speed - Tilesets
Alex - Tilesets
Wesker - Tilesets
Pio - Tilesets
Aten974 - Tilesets
Newtiteuf - Tilesets
Venom 12 - Tilesets
Wesley FG - Tilesets
Jonny Chleevas - Tilesets
~Red- Tileset

VI. Help and Support:

The userbar of POI will be available in a few days, and I'd appreciate it very much if you will put a userbar of POI in your signature to indicate that you are a supporter of this project. Custom tiles for Orange islands are badly needed at this moment. If you are interested in contributing to POI, please drop me a VM or PM so I can contact you in time. Thanks for reading this thread everyone, I hope you all like the project I am working on.

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